I coach individuals and relationships (couples, colleagues, teams) on a range of topics, including:

Career issues, such as career changes, and professional and leadership development in both for-profit and not-for-profit arenas.

I work regularly with "creatives," by which I mean entrepreneurs and artists of all types. I help entrepreneurs grow their businesses, overcome real or perceived professional obstacles, and design and pursue their goals. I help artists navigate creative blocks and ease their access to their talents and the confidence to pursue them.

I coach couples navigating a variety of relationship issues, some that arise early in their courtship and others that appear, or reappear, after years together. I also work with teams to enhance their communication and conflict resolution skills, increase productivity, and maximize their collaboration with colleagues and clients. As a coach trained in Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI), I view all relationships--personal and professional--as complex systems in which conflict signals a need for change and all voices, even unpoplar ones, need to be heard.

I also work with parents and plan-to-be-parents. My clients range from individuals and couples considering parenthood (including those struggling with fertility) to grandparents raising grandkids. Plus, I've developed resources for expecting couples and parents at Parent Alliance® (; see below). 

See yourself in one or more of these categories? Excellent! Don’t feel included above, yet still interested in checking out coaching? Fabulous! I’ve always loved exceptions to the rule.

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