What's Parent Alliance®?

What’s Parent Alliance®? A resource for expecting couples and parents with young kids who want their intimate relationships to flourish after they have kids.

Parent Alliance® helps couples improve communication, manage conflicts, strengthen shared values, align parenting styles, and collaborate as co-parents.

Research shows that 66% to 90% of couples report a significant drop in relationship satisfaction after having a baby. Rather than sacrifice our relationship to have kids, Parent Alliance® helps us: navigate and avoid conflicts that often accompany parenthood; boost positive feelings for each other; increase fulfillment as individuals and as a couple; and provide a more nurturing environment for our children.

Maintaining fulfilling relationships with our spouses (or exes) is key to our kids’ happiness and developmental success. Plus, co-parenting and relationship success with our mates reinforce our relationship success with our kids.

I've developed fun and effective tools and resources to help expecting, new and even seasoned parents strengthen and childproof our relationships. You'll find some of those tools in helpful articles on my blog at www.parentalliance.com. Expecting couples can participate in the Parent Alliance® Coaching Program (PACP), 6-sessions tailored to babyproofing your unique relationship. I also offer workshops, as well as individual and relationship coaching to parents who want to tackle specific relationship or parenting challenges. To book a complimentary coaching session or learn more about Parent Alliance®, emailrhona@parentalliance.com. To read what couples say about Parent Alliance®, go to: www.parentalliance.com/testimonials.