Rhona Berens - Self-Limiting Beliefs & Writing

How can Self-Limiting Beliefs help your character development yet hurt your ability to be the best writer you can be? Download this article to find out. An earlier draft of this article appeared in James P. Mercurio's A-List Screenwriting Newsletter. You can download the original post below.

The Main Differences Between Coaching and Conventional Therapy

This document outlines the main differences between Co-Active Coaching and Conventional Therapy or Counseling. In addition to the contrasts detailed in this PDF, Coaching focuses on the client's life in the present and the future (where the client wants to go), while Conventional Therapy and Counseling are, primarily, oriented toward the patient's present and past experiences and issues.

Executive/Business Coaching, Consulting and Therapy

Excerpted from a recent article in Harvard Business Review, this chart compares Consulting and Therapy to Business/Executive Coaching. For more information on Rhona's work with businesses and organizations, check out momentum@work.

The Impact of Self-Limiting Beliefs on Screenwriters/Screenwriting

As anyone creative knows, our inner critical voices can be loud and discouraging when it comes to creating--or even just thinking about creating--art. While I've received feedback (from established and novice artists alike, and even from those who don't consider themselves creative) that this article offers some great advice, my primary focus is on helping fiction writers--aspiring screenwriters in particular--navigate and overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs that interfere with creative inspiration, execution and self-promotion. This article appeared originally in September 2009 in an informative e-newsletter geared toward screenwriters from A-List Screenwriting, the brainchild of one of my clients (Jim Mercurio).

S.M.A.R.T. Goal Worksheet

Looking for ways to craft your goals (or New Year's resolutions) so you can increase the likelihood you'll remain committed to those goals? Use this worksheet to explore the ingredients of a S.M.A.R.T. Goal; you'll be encouraged to create a goal that's not only achievable, but also meaningful! Unfortunately, because I can only make PDFs available to you as downloads, you won't be able to type your responses directly on the worksheet. If you'd prefer to type on the worksheet itself, send a request to rhonaberens@me.com and I'll email you the document in Word.

New Year's Revolutions (no, that's not a typo)

Ever wonder why most New Year's resolutions fail? Looking for strategies to ensure your goals/resolutions succeed? Then download "New Year's Revolutions." This article first appeared in the December 2009 issue of Rhona's client, Jim Mercurio's A-List Screenwriting newsletter.

The Future is Now Handout (RESOLVE Tele-Seminar)

This PDF was created by Rhona Berens, PhD, CPCC, ACC and Courtney Webster, CPCC, ACC as a resource for participants in the tele-seminar, The Future is Now, hosted in April 2010 by the National Infertility Association, RESOLVE.